Nemieboka, Spokesman- Lulu–Briggs will win Rivers’ governorship election on any platform

Nemieboka, Spokesman- Lulu–Briggs will win Rivers’ governorship election on any platform

Dason Nemieboka, Spokesman, Dumo Lulu–Briggs Governorship Campaign Organisation.



Dason Nemieboka is the spokesman of the Dumo Lulu–Briggs Governorship Campaign Organisation. An award-winning author and Public Relations practitioner, Nemieboka, like a good marksman, always shoot to precision. Though the hustling for the 2019 elections are yet to intensify, Nemieboka is already counting the trophies of victory for his candidate under the Accord Party. He spoke to LEDUM ALFRED, our correspondent.

Please, can you talk to us about the status of your principal as regards Accord Party governorship ticket?

Thank you very much. We are happy with our new party. It is a decent party, and the party manifesto is brilliant. It tallies with the vision of Chief Dumo Lulu–Briggs. So it’s even like God ordered our steps.

You know Chief Dumo is such a peaceful and peace-loving philanthropist who was in the other party which is known for physical might. Then he went to the APC, actually on their invitation. He became the rallying point. He served and followed the leadership like a lamp, but as you know, the philosophy of the leader isn’t competence, character or capacity. So when insincerity, lousy faith, and feudalism became the order of the day, he said no. You can use me, but you cannot take Rivers people for a ride. You can’t insult all the responsible men and women in the party and finally force down your partner on all.

So the man of peace was received with open arms by the party of concord – Accord. And Chief Dumo Lulu–Briggs is the governorship candidate of the Accord party in Rivers State.


But the state Chairman of the party is in court insisting that Lulu–Briggs is not a member of the party and that he isn’t the party’s candidate.

Well, I was taught that it’s rude to respond to a question with another question so I will not ask. Now, I must say that the activities of the former acting Chairman of the Accord Party is unfortunate and shameful. Of course, I am conscious of my pedigree, background and the high responsibility placed on me by my family, alma maters, and my faith so I cannot reduce myself to be so used. But I am Dason Nemieboka, and you are not. If your name matters to you, you will refrain from such actions no matter your need level.

Are you then saying that Precious Barido isn’t the party’s chairman in Rivers State?

I didn’t say so, he did. Remember he went or better put, he was sponsored to go to court, where he claimed that he resigned his chairmanship to contest the governorship primary in October; where he alleged that he was returned unopposed. Then in November, the governorship candidate was involved in an arranged IPAC election from where he emerged as Chairman of IPAC.

You see, when a character is unstable and insincere, it becomes a challenge describing the person. Yes, Mr. Precious was appointed chairman by the national leadership of the party a few years ago, the same authority that replaced him. Now the obsession is the attempt to deny the party it’s chance of producing the next governor of Rivers State in 2019.

Why should a party chairman want to sabotage his party if your claims are true?

I cannot tell, maybe you reach him and get answers from him. But I think it’s pretty clear. The party is seen as a company which generates income.

Are you not worried that such infighting would distract from the goal?

I wish we can discuss more important issues….

I hear he is in court. Let’s see if the judiciary would grant such a ridiculous request.

Do you think Chief Dumo has the luxury of time, seeing that the Accord structure in the state is weak if it exists?

Oh yes, we have time enough to recalibrate the Accord Party and put it in winning ways. What is most important is the product you market. We have a brand that needs no introduction even in Ubima or Omoku. DLB is a goldfish, and those who watched him take a walk are already regretting. When you have a good candidate, he can win on any platform. Chief Dumo Lulu–Briggs can win the governorship on any platform, and he will win it for the Accord Party.

Why do you sound so confident about Chief Dumo Lulu–Briggs’ chances?

Listen, we are talking about someone who has seen Rivers people in all their elements. He understands the people and is equipped to deliver practical and impactful leadership. We are not offering Rivers people ‘Ali and the angels.’ Dumo is the man ordained to deliver, liberate and bless Rivers people from the capitalist entrapment which our political life has become.

We are offering Rivers people a known achiever, a godly leader with a highly compassionate heart. He knows Rivers State and Rivers people love him.  If you have such a qualitative product, you will talk as I do.

Do you honestly think that Dumo can defeat the incumbent in a free and transparent election in March 2019?

Sure! Chief Dumo Lulu–Briggs is not just kind and humble which endear him to the masses of the state, DLB is on a divine mission for which he has been adequately trained. This is the set time. We are set for the opportunity. So defeating a government which has for almost four years dribbled, deceived and exploited the people cannot be a challenge.

They are frightened and do expect to contest against an enigma like DLB. That is why they are struggling to stop him ahead of the election. But they have failed. I sincerely believe that Governor Nyesom Wike will be roundly defeated by the governorship candidate of the Accord Party, Chief Dumo Lulu–Briggs in 2019.

What if Pastor Tonye Cole is in the race?

The more, the merrier! We are not stopping him from joining the race for the governorship. It is a contest between the real and the unreal. It is between Rivers men, and the voters know their own. Indeed we would like to see who Rivers people would entrust their mandate to.

The product we market is tried and tested. It has a deep connection with Rivers People, and so if anyone brings his friend, associate or agent you don’t expect same to threaten a true Port Harcourt boy who has paid his dues and understands the challenges, issues and has since developed pragmatic solutions. I am sure you know that if you bring in a product from anywhere it has to be adaptable otherwise it is useless. Rivers people are now moving in one accord and I believe they will elect Chief Dumo Lulu–Briggs governor.

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