The Accord Party governorship candidate in Rivers State, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs has told political leaders and those who hold leadership positions to work for the benefit of the citizenry because power comes only from God, even as he assured the people of Etche that the welfare and infrastructural development of the area will be one of his paramount considerations when he becomes governor of Rivers state, in 2019.

Chief Lulu-Briggs gave this charge during the Thanksgiving Service to mark the 84th Birthday Ceremony and 42nd Ascension Anniversary of the Ochimba Of Umuanyagu Town, Eze Godwin Onyeche Amadi, at Jerusalem Baptist Church, Umuanyagu, Etche LGA, Rivers state, on Sunday, December 27, 2018.

Speaking at the well attended thanksgiving service, the Accord Party governorship candidate congratulated the Ochimba of Umuanyagu, describing him as a revered traditional ruler who is not only known for his humility, simplicity, fear of God and respect for others, but also as a paramount traditional ruler who has used his position to bring sustainable peace, development, harmony and unity to his community and ensured peaceful coexistence between Umuanyagu kingdom and their neighbours, over the years. Lulu-Briggs called on other rulers and leaders to emulate the shinning example of Eze Godwin Amadi.

The Accord party governorship candidate told the congregation that power comes from God and whoever finds him or herself in power, should use it for the benefit of the people and development of the communities, just as the Eze has been doing for 42 years, even as he informed them that his quest for the governorship of Rivers state is driven by his desire to secure the future of Rivers children, improve the lives of the people and make Rivers state a better place for every man, woman and child, pledging to give Etche prominent attention when he gets into power.

According to him, “We are going into office by the special grace of God and we will learn from the example of our father that the reason why God is enthroning us is to remember that power belongs to God and not to use the authority against others”.

Lulu-Briggs appreciated Etche people for their warm reception and promised never to forget them while in office, saying that he would always emulate the way of life of His Royal Highness, especially his humility and respect for people, which have been the hallmark of his meritorious reign for over four decades.

“We will not take this privilege and honour you have given us for granted. We are going to serve you, and make sure that Umuanyagu town and indeed the whole of Etche kingdom will be given the pride of place you deserve in a united and peaceful Rivers state” he assured the people.

High points of the Thanksgiving celebrations included the cutting of the anniversary cake, colourful display of cultural dances and masquerades performances to mark the double celebration of Eze Godwin Onyeche Amadi.

Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, who was welcomed to the event with pomp, fanfare and the traditional cannon shooting, was accompanied in his entourage by distinguished Rivers men and women, as well as stalwarts, members and candidates of the Accord party, including the candidate for the Rivers East Senatorial District, Barr. Azubuike Nwuke, amongst others.

David Diai
Port Harcourt

Nemieboka, Spokesman- Lulu–Briggs will win Rivers’ governorship election on any platform

Nemieboka, Spokesman- Lulu–Briggs will win Rivers’ governorship election on any platform

Dason Nemieboka, Spokesman, Dumo Lulu–Briggs Governorship Campaign Organisation.



Dason Nemieboka is the spokesman of the Dumo Lulu–Briggs Governorship Campaign Organisation. An award-winning author and Public Relations practitioner, Nemieboka, like a good marksman, always shoot to precision. Though the hustling for the 2019 elections are yet to intensify, Nemieboka is already counting the trophies of victory for his candidate under the Accord Party. He spoke to LEDUM ALFRED, our correspondent.

Please, can you talk to us about the status of your principal as regards Accord Party governorship ticket?

Thank you very much. We are happy with our new party. It is a decent party, and the party manifesto is brilliant. It tallies with the vision of Chief Dumo Lulu–Briggs. So it’s even like God ordered our steps.

You know Chief Dumo is such a peaceful and peace-loving philanthropist who was in the other party which is known for physical might. Then he went to the APC, actually on their invitation. He became the rallying point. He served and followed the leadership like a lamp, but as you know, the philosophy of the leader isn’t competence, character or capacity. So when insincerity, lousy faith, and feudalism became the order of the day, he said no. You can use me, but you cannot take Rivers people for a ride. You can’t insult all the responsible men and women in the party and finally force down your partner on all.

So the man of peace was received with open arms by the party of concord – Accord. And Chief Dumo Lulu–Briggs is the governorship candidate of the Accord party in Rivers State.


But the state Chairman of the party is in court insisting that Lulu–Briggs is not a member of the party and that he isn’t the party’s candidate.

Well, I was taught that it’s rude to respond to a question with another question so I will not ask. Now, I must say that the activities of the former acting Chairman of the Accord Party is unfortunate and shameful. Of course, I am conscious of my pedigree, background and the high responsibility placed on me by my family, alma maters, and my faith so I cannot reduce myself to be so used. But I am Dason Nemieboka, and you are not. If your name matters to you, you will refrain from such actions no matter your need level.

Are you then saying that Precious Barido isn’t the party’s chairman in Rivers State?

I didn’t say so, he did. Remember he went or better put, he was sponsored to go to court, where he claimed that he resigned his chairmanship to contest the governorship primary in October; where he alleged that he was returned unopposed. Then in November, the governorship candidate was involved in an arranged IPAC election from where he emerged as Chairman of IPAC.

You see, when a character is unstable and insincere, it becomes a challenge describing the person. Yes, Mr. Precious was appointed chairman by the national leadership of the party a few years ago, the same authority that replaced him. Now the obsession is the attempt to deny the party it’s chance of producing the next governor of Rivers State in 2019.

Why should a party chairman want to sabotage his party if your claims are true?

I cannot tell, maybe you reach him and get answers from him. But I think it’s pretty clear. The party is seen as a company which generates income.

Are you not worried that such infighting would distract from the goal?

I wish we can discuss more important issues….

I hear he is in court. Let’s see if the judiciary would grant such a ridiculous request.

Do you think Chief Dumo has the luxury of time, seeing that the Accord structure in the state is weak if it exists?

Oh yes, we have time enough to recalibrate the Accord Party and put it in winning ways. What is most important is the product you market. We have a brand that needs no introduction even in Ubima or Omoku. DLB is a goldfish, and those who watched him take a walk are already regretting. When you have a good candidate, he can win on any platform. Chief Dumo Lulu–Briggs can win the governorship on any platform, and he will win it for the Accord Party.

Why do you sound so confident about Chief Dumo Lulu–Briggs’ chances?

Listen, we are talking about someone who has seen Rivers people in all their elements. He understands the people and is equipped to deliver practical and impactful leadership. We are not offering Rivers people ‘Ali and the angels.’ Dumo is the man ordained to deliver, liberate and bless Rivers people from the capitalist entrapment which our political life has become.

We are offering Rivers people a known achiever, a godly leader with a highly compassionate heart. He knows Rivers State and Rivers people love him.  If you have such a qualitative product, you will talk as I do.

Do you honestly think that Dumo can defeat the incumbent in a free and transparent election in March 2019?

Sure! Chief Dumo Lulu–Briggs is not just kind and humble which endear him to the masses of the state, DLB is on a divine mission for which he has been adequately trained. This is the set time. We are set for the opportunity. So defeating a government which has for almost four years dribbled, deceived and exploited the people cannot be a challenge.

They are frightened and do expect to contest against an enigma like DLB. That is why they are struggling to stop him ahead of the election. But they have failed. I sincerely believe that Governor Nyesom Wike will be roundly defeated by the governorship candidate of the Accord Party, Chief Dumo Lulu–Briggs in 2019.

What if Pastor Tonye Cole is in the race?

The more, the merrier! We are not stopping him from joining the race for the governorship. It is a contest between the real and the unreal. It is between Rivers men, and the voters know their own. Indeed we would like to see who Rivers people would entrust their mandate to.

The product we market is tried and tested. It has a deep connection with Rivers People, and so if anyone brings his friend, associate or agent you don’t expect same to threaten a true Port Harcourt boy who has paid his dues and understands the challenges, issues and has since developed pragmatic solutions. I am sure you know that if you bring in a product from anywhere it has to be adaptable otherwise it is useless. Rivers people are now moving in one accord and I believe they will elect Chief Dumo Lulu–Briggs governor.



Rivers people are familiar with the antics, distractive actions, utterances and behavioural traits of those who preside over our affairs as our state government. The people have learnt to ignore spurious allegations, blind calls and general wolf cries by those who are supposed to provide us leadership for four years. So when we read reports of the People’s Democratic Party and the state government meddling in the internal affairs of the All Progressives Congress, APC, we knew that it was only a moment of time before they poked their noses into the affairs of the Accord Party in the state.

The Rivers State Commissioner of Information, Barrister Emma Okah was reported in a national daily to have warned INEC against the “speculation that the Accord Party was soon to become a platform for candidates of the APC who have lately been entangled by judicial decisions which annulled candidates filed by the Rivers State chapter of the party “.

Of course, the concerns are apparent, they have noticed that the party to beat in Rivers State is the rejigged and highly attractive Accord Party, which has the dynamic, charismatic and citizens-loved, Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs as its governorship candidate for the March 2nd 2019 election. The man who Rivers people have been waiting for is now the duly recognised Accord Party governorship candidate.

We understand their worries and sympathise with them. If they were rejoicing over the crisis in the APC and Rivers people suddenly find a credible candidate in the Accord party, then their joy is short-lived.

The busy Dumo Lulu Briggs Governorship Campaign Organisation, would ordinarily not dignify the PDP well-known gimmicks with a response, but has decided, in the interest of the public, to put the records straight.

We state unequivocally that Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs is not in court with anybody/party over the APC congresses and primaries, as he withdrew from the APC primaries, lodged his complaints with the party’s Appeals Panel and subsequently resigned from the party. Thereafter, he decided, within stipulated legal timeframe, to give Rivers people the opportunity to decide his fate in the Accord party.

For the avoidance of doubt, the Accord Party in Rivers State does not only have Dumo Lulu-Briggs and Otua Nakwaasah as governorship and deputy governorship candidates respectfully, but the party parades a full complement of senatorial, and other legislative candidates that are poised to win the elections in Rivers State.

We therefore advise Commissioner Emma Okah to avail the Governor the overwhelming public opinion against him, so Governor Nyesom Wike can start preparing his handover note in good time. By the will of Rivers people and the grace of God, Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs, will win the election and become the next governor of Rivers State.

A performing state government will not waste time sponsoring litigants or writing INEC to stop other candidates. Only the government which has lost touch with the people would struggle to empty the race of credible candidates. Let it, therefore, be known to Rivers people that their prayer for a God-fearing and people-oriented governor is answered and Chief Dumo Lulu-Briggs is on the ballot as the candidate for the Accord Party. They should, therefore, ignore the last kicks of a dying horse and prepare for the liberation.

God deliver, liberate and bless Rivers State Accordingly.

Sotonye Ijuye-Dagogo
Director of Communications

Senate refuses to confirm Buhari’s EFCC nominees over exclusion of South-East/South

Senate refuses to confirm Buhari’s EFCC nominees over exclusion of South-East/South

The Senate on Tuesday refused to confirm four persons nominated as members of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), following a lopsided appointment. ‘Go for fruit juice when you miss breakfast’ The Red Chamber The nominees are: Ndasule Moses, Lawan Mamman, Galadanci Imam Najib, and Adeleke Adebayo Rafiu.

The Senate Committee on Anti-Corruption and Financial Crimes had presented to the Plenary its finding on the nominees, but the legislators noted that South-East and South-South were not represented in the Commission. At plenary on Tuesday, Senator Chukwuka Utazi presented the report of the committee concerning the confirmation of the nominees.

Senator Barnabas Gemade seconded the motion asking the Senate to consider the report. Another senator, Victor Umeh, noted that “the nominees have very rich, vital skills and experience.” He, however noted that only one of the nominees was from the South-West, while the Acting Chairman of the EFCC, Ibrahim Magu, is from the North. “This makes a total of four people from the North; the South-East and South-South are not accommodated in this Commission,” Umeh said. He argued that, “It is important that we include all regions in governing roles and in the fight against corruption, as it involves us all. “All geo-political zones should be included in this Commission. Supporting Umeh, another senator, Matthew Urhoghide, noted that the distribution was wrong. “Let us delegate people to look at the distribution of these appointments. “I suggest that this matter be stood down while it is looked into.” Utazi counselled that since there were six members in the committee, all of them should be directed to focus on one geo-political zone each and come up with a more balanced report. However, Senator Ahmad Lawan advised the lawmaker to pass the nominations as presented, but noted that all geo-political zones needed to be represented. The Senate thereafter went into Executive Session, which lasted for 25 minutes. At the Executive session, the Senate agreed that the confirmation of the EFCC nominees should be suspended for further legislative input.

Source: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2018/12/lopsided-appointment-senate-refuses-to-confirm-efcc-nominees/

Vote-buying, act of corruption – ICPC

Vote-buying, act of corruption – ICPC

The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC), on Friday in Lagos, described vote-buying as an act of corruption which the commission was committed to tackling. Elections How to keep kids in school and fight malnutrition Dr. Musa Abubakar, the Acting Chairman of ICPC, made the declaration at a one-day ‘National Campaign Against Vote-Buying and other Electoral Malpractices,’ organised by ICPC in conjunction with the Youth Alive Foundation(YAF).


According to Abubakar, represented by Mr. Shintema Binga, the Zonal Commissioner for South-West in ICPC, vote buying, which is a type of electoral fraud, takes the form of collecting payment from candidates after voting for them.

“Such payments are usually made through agents either directly or through phone transfer.

“Rigging can take the form of falsifying election results by changing figures to favour particular candidates.

“This is a falsification of official records and punishable under the ICPC Act 2000,’’ he said. Abubakar urged Nigerian voters to shun attempts by unpatriotic elements in the society who might want to buy their conscience with foodstuff, cloth and cash.

“If you allow them to succeed in doing so, they will make sure they steal resources meant for provision of water, healthcare, educational facilities and construction of roads.

“If such people force themselves on you by bribing you, they will not have your time because they have already settled you.

“I will also advise you to resist any attempt by such disgruntled elements to use your children as thugs to kill, maim and threaten political opponents.

“Admonish your children to resist such attempts; if being a political thug is a worthy way of life, let them recall their children studying abroad and use them as thugs, but they will never,’’ he said. The acting chairman said that the commission had met with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) chairman where issues of training and election monitoring were revisited. According to him, the commission is prepared to monitor the 2019 general elections. Also speaking, Mrs Ijeoma Okey-Igbokwe, the Head of Voter Education, Publicity, Protocol and Civil Society Organisations in the Lagos office of INEC, said it was disheartening to see people negotiating at voting centres.


According to Okey-Igbokwe, vote buying starts from the period of registration of voters’ cards. She urged voters not to sell their votes, adding that their votes were their conscience. Okey-Igbokwe, who was represented by Mrs Adenike Oriowo, the Assistant Chief Administrative Officer, said the commission organises educational programmes to enlighten voters on their rights. Also speaking, Mr Chamberlain Etakuctoh, the Programme Coordinator for YAF, Lagos Chapter, said that vote-buying had become a national concern requiring the attention of all stakeholders. Etakuctoh urged voters not to allow opportunists to destroy the future of the coming generation. In his remarks, Dr Peter Okereke, Lead Consultant, Save Visions Africa, Lagos, said that money had become a dominant and determinant factor in the country’s politics. According to him, poor Nigerians are victimised by vote buying because their limited level of survival makes them susceptible to material inducement and offer of basic commodities. He said that vote buying was mainly caused by ignorance on the part of the electorate, apathy and poverty as well as deceit by politicians. (NAN)

Sources: https://www.vanguardngr.com/2018/12/vote-buying-act-of-corruption-icpc/

2019: President Buhari, party chairmen, presidential candidates, sign peace accord

2019: President Buhari, party chairmen, presidential candidates, sign peace accord

President Muhammadu Buhari, chairmen of political parties and their presidential candidates in the 2019 general elections on Tuesday signed a Peace Accord as a commitment to peaceful elections in the country.

The signing of the accord which was organised by the National Peace Committee (NPC) took place at the International Conference Centre, Abuja.

Former Head of State and Chairman, National Peace Committee, retired Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar, said that the objective of the accord was to ensure peace before, during and after the polls.

Abubakar said that political parties must seek for peace throughout the electioneering period, as elections would not hold without peace.

“It is also important that governance after the elections will be impossible without a peaceful environment,’’ he said.

He also enjoined political parties to adopt Code of Conduct that promoted peaceful conduct and inclusiveness during electioneering period- before, during and after the elections.

The chairman also urged all political parties to keep to the provision of the peace document as they matched toward the elections.

He said that by agreeing to sign the accord, all the political parties and their candidates had agreed to maintain peace, beyond self-interest and accept the outcome of the election for the good of the country and its citizens

Abubakar said that the security situation in the country should be a source of concern for everybody and more especially political parties, saying “you must not do anything to make the bad situation worse”.

“As political leaders, all candidates for political office, must show example for their conduct and actions .You must lead by example by your attitude and conduct. Also by your speech and what you sponsored,’’ he said.

He said that political parties and their candidate must create conducive atmosphere  for the conduct of free, fair and credible elections in 2019 and beyond. “The time to do what is right is right now’’.

The former head of state said that the mere signing of the peace document would not achieve its objectives until and unless all actors accepted to work by its provisions.

He called on all religious and traditional leaders to play their role in ensuring peaceful conduct of the elections.

He commended President Buhari and political parties on their commitment to conduct of free and fair elections in the country.

Former Head of State, Gen. Yakubu Gowon, while presenting a keynote address at the occasion, said that the nation was yet at another critical junction as it prepared for the 2019 general elections.

Gowon said that there was need to consolidate on the peace enjoyed in 2015 in the 2019 general elections.

Gowon said that it was gratifying that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC)had pledged credible elections in 2019.

“Citizens of our nation cannot ask for less, but we should all be party to the success by ensuring that politicians vying for public offices and their supporters are united in the sincere pursuit of issue-based electioneering,’’ he said.

He said that regardless of Nigerians’ affiliations, buying of vote would defeat the essence of democracy, while elections rigging would deny the desire and aspiration of Nigerians for good governance.

Gowon urged party leaders and their candidates to honour the accord that they had signed, while also calling on INEC and security agencies and election observers to maintain their neutrally in the coming elections.

He commended President Buhari for signing the Not –Too-Young-To -Run Bill and the members of the National Peace Committee for organising the signing of the peace accord.

Former Chief of Justice of the Nigeria (CJN), Justice Mohammed Uwais, said free, fair election were critical elements of democracy.

Uwais expressed hope that parties that signed the peace accord would have peaceful campaign and successful elections.

The European Union Ambassador to Nigeria, Ketil Karlsen, said that Nigeria had in 2015 set an example for Africa and for the world alike, seeing the outcome of democratic elections prevailed.

“As the country prepare for 2019 elections, we hope that Nigeria would further consolidate on democracy through free, fair, credible, transparent and peaceful elections.’’

Karlsen said that the presidential candidates and political parties had role to play by saying no to hate speech, vote buying, intimidation of voters and saying yes to peace and transparent elections.

He advised INEC to guide its independence, while political parties should guide their neutrality and guarantee safety without intimidating voters.

The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, speaking on behalf of the traditional leaders, said what politicians needed to know was that Nigeria was greater than anyone.

“We should know that the peace of our nation is very critical and gamine to the growth and development of the nation. No individual or political parties can say they are greater than the nation.

“As a result everybody should focus on how to keep peace and how our great country will continue to make history in the comity of nations.’’

Source:  https://www.pulse.ng/news/politics/buhari-other-presidential-candidates-sign-peace-accord-id9190274.html