As the ACCORD party continue in her Campaign of practical transformation for Rivers State through the 23 LGAs. Yesterday, Monday, 11th February, 2019, she sailed through Abua/Odual and Ahoada-East LGAs respectively.

On her arrival, the most popular and the party to take over the Leadership of the State, the ACCORD party, ably led by its Governorship and Deputy Governorship candidates, Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs and Otua Hart Nakwaasah, was given an enviable rousing welcome. It was clearly a great honour, as Royal Fathers, Chiefs, Elders, Fathers, Mothers and Youths in excitement left their barns open and came out in their large numbers to show solidarity of acceptance and confidence in the ACCORD campaign team.

The candidates, in their bid to continuously feel the pulse of the people, continued in their door to door interactions with them: the markets, the streets, the downtrodden, the commons, town hall meetings and every nook and crannies of these LGAs were touched, none was left out. It was a great honour to the team, for having the privilege to speak to the people of their ambition and unleash their transformation agenda to them. According to the team, they are here to put their feet in shoes of the people; know their pains, and emptiness, and promised to fill the emptiness and take the pains away if voted into office at the victory of 2cd March, 2019.

It is not an error that, the ACCORD party is the only Party that has taken her door to door campaign to the innermost part of the grassroots, and not merely grassroots that are already urbanized, Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs’s Philanthropical nature has propelled it to be so. For It is said that, “if the value of a thing isn’t known, then abuse is inevitable”. Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs knows what it means to be empty, to feel the pains associated with hunger and starvation, to be lonely and abandoned, the feelings when one loses his or her self-esteem and to be unable to fit into the present stratum of societal value. And what kind of Governor would he be, if he doesn’t go down to those that are the direct receivers of these blows?. And because his nature has been wired with a compassionate heart, his campaign went farther deep to reach out to these ones. This is how important this seat is to him and the reason for such deep reach outs; they are the most important to him, and the reason he is in the race. So, it became a necessity for him to act thus. This to us, is an act driven by sincerity of purpose, especially for Rivers State and her people. God has blessed Rivers State with a Giant hearted Leader like Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs, let’s not take this opportunity for granted, but grab it with both arms.

Indeed, the people lacks the presence of governance and living in abject poverty. Obviously feeling abandoned and lonely as though they aren’t part of the State, even though they are. The compassionate heart of Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs could not restrain himself at this sight, and so, quickly reassured the people that, “all these will be a thing of the past when we come into office by the special grace of God”. And this is why our administration shall be known for “Mr Jobs”, so that we will all be able to put food on our tables, become self reliant and be privileged to living in an enabling environment where development will be felt in all nook and crannies. He professed.

It is a known fact that, administrations before this time, especially the one presently administrating the pains we feel today, have consistently abused the office of the leadership of the State. It’s obvious they aren’t there for the people but for themselves. They don’t know what the people they claim to lead are going through, they don’t even know them, and so, they end up grossly abusing the office and being insensitive to the people, keeping them under abject poverty and shamefully retrogressed in all manner of meaningful developmental strata.

Whereas Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs is a name that is synonymous with Human Capacity Development, one that is Policy driven and ready to drive home the real essence of Governance to the people at all levels. His emergence is a relief to our sufferings, a breath to life, a hope never expected, a grace and a reaffirmation of God still rules in the affairs of men. With him, Rivers State will be a State that will be set as a standard for other States and developed Cities outside the shores of Nigeria.

In all, the people were elated and now more than before, ready to be transformed. This they showed by displaying their PVCs, as a proof that they are ready to bring joy to their domains by voting in Leaders that have them at heart and voting out those that doesn’t. That, because none has ever remembered their existence in this deepest part of the State, save the ACCORD campaign Team and her candidates, which has in turn brought smiles on their once “hope lost faces”, they will by all means necessary give them not only their support, but their votes, they assured.


The ACCORD Ship continues her sail farther into the deeper most part of the rest of the 23 LGAs. Join us in One ACCORD as we all feel our pains together, know our emptiness and dare to not only proffer solutions, but fill the emptiness and remove the pains, that we may once more enjoy a Rivers State of our DREAM when we take over the Leadership of the State after the victory of 2nd March 2019. ACCORD is the Party.


  • Chief Dumo Lulu Briggs and Otua Hart Nakwaasah remains the Governorship and Deputy Governorship candidates
  • Number One is the position of the Party on the Ballot
  • Rivers State is the State





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