With your vote and support, we will create a Rivers State where the dividends of democracy benefit everyone. My administration would be inclusive under the rule of law.

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My name is Dumo Lulu-Briggs (DLB). I am seeking your mandate to be the Governor of Rivers State on the platform of the Accord Party (AP)

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Join the winning team. End the hegemony; Return political and economic power back to the people in Rivers State


Sectoral Focus

I am offering a leadership that will focus on sectoral reforms and reinvigoration by aggressively addressing the challenges of the following sectors.


Healthcare is too precious to be left to chance, too central to life to be left to your wealth. Access to treatment should be based on clinical need not on your ability to pay.


The quality of education in Rivers State has nose-dived again after what was evidently an impressive concerted effort in the sector a few years ago when there was a declaration of a State of Emergency for the sector.

Teachers’ Training & Motivation

I am a beneficiary of quality education both at home and abroad. My vision is to give back those standards of education that is world class in content and outcome.

Security, Ethnic Harmony and Justice

In Rivers State, I have come to find out that all the orchestrated differences among the cultures are more apparent than real.

Economy, Industrialisation, Commerce & Revenue Generation

Rivers State is Nigeria’s sixth most populous State (7.0 million in 2015, according to the National Bureau of Statistics), as well as one of its richest

Management of State Physical Resources

Wastage pervades our State especially in the management of the States assets. There is wastage in our Ministries and almost all public institutions.

God dey… Dumo Dey Come!

Stand with me and together we shall give great meaning to our lives. Under the administration that I shall lead, even the darkest moments will bear the promise of daylight. It is on this premise that I ask my kith and kin, the good people of Rivers State and other residents to come together in the next elections and vote massively for the Accord Party and for me.

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Contribute for Us

Help us prove that we have the power and the determination to rebuild Rivers State into a state that works for all of us.
Rivers State needs deliverance, it needs liberation and it needs the blessings of God Almighty.
The state is extremely rich in human and natural resources but the problem is that the leaders have their eyes high up, too high to see the ordinary people.
I will reverse this trend! I will make politics about the people!!